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Learn more about birthdays on the Virgo-Libra cusp at Tarot.comOk, I’ve already admitted that I don’t always get along with Virgos. But hey, I’m a scatterbrained Gemini, so they don’t always like me, either. But I will say this: There is something very special about those born on the Virgo-Libra Cusp.

The days from about Sept. 19 to Sept. 25 fall on the Cusp of Beauty, and indeed the energies of Virgo and Libra work beautifully together.

People lucky enough to have birthdays that fall on the Cusp of Beauty are very balanced, and they are typically both smart and creative. This is because they’re ruled by both Mercury, planet of intellect, and Venus, planet of love and beauty, so they’ve inherited the best of both worlds.

Hey, that sounds pretty good!

So, I just logged on to my Facebook account to see if I have any friends with birthdays that fall on this cusp, and it turns out that out of about 750 friends I just have a few acquaintances  and one horrible ex-boyfriend with birthday’s during this time.

Hmmm, well, I guess even having a birthday on the Cusp of Beauty isn’t enough to solidify a true friendship with this here Gemini. And boy, I can’t argue that the ex I’m referring to wasn’t smart, attractive and creative, as is expected of this cusp. But he also embodied all of this cusp’s weaknesses: superficial, jealous, nervous, selfish and a bit arrogant.

Must have been a little bit too much Virgo in him for me, eh? (By the way, I want to make sure everyone knows the only Virgo I’ll make an exception for is Keanu Reeves. I’m pretty sure we’d get along great.)

Do you have any friends born on this cusp? Look it up and read more about it!

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