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Happy Labor Day! I’ve got the day off, but that’s not going to stop me from popping in here for a minute to make a suggestion — and that is, if you ever get a chance to grab a beer with a genius 23-year-old computer-slash-art-nerd brainiac Aquarius and talk about the cosmos, you should really do it.

My co-worker Mark is new to Astrology. He was hired as a graphic designer, but he’s jumped full force into learning every aspect of all the far-out things we embrace in our office: Astrology, Tarot, I Ching and Numerology, you name it. And he’s SUCH an Aquarius about it!

By that I mean he’s highly intellectual, independent and open-minded. He’s been soaking it all in, and in just a month’s time he’s already figured out how to read I Ching Hexagrams and given me an accurate reading; and he’s also pretty sure he can guess someone’s sign within minutes of meeting them.

I brought Mark along to grab a beer with me and my good friend Liz the other night (“old ladies” in comparison to this brilliant “kid”), and we put his theory to the test. He didn’t guess her sign immediately, but he did guess her Element (Fire) right off the bat, and it was just a hop-skip-and-a-jump before he nailed her down as the sunny Sagittarius that she is.

From there, we got into a discussion about the complexities of one’s birth chart, and it got me thinking — is it really possible to guess someone’s Sun sign when there are so many other parts of the birth chart to consider? Take Liz, for example. Yes, she’s a Sagittarius, but she has a Gemini Moon and a Gemini Rising, so her personality upon meeting her seems much more Gemini to me.

We talked about this for a long time, and I’m still not sure I have the answer. I can also often guess a person’s sign after talking with them for a few minutes. But I’m also wrong a lot. And I’m seriously convinced I can spot a Pisces man just by looking at his face. In fact, I did that when I first met another co-worker — Dima — and it freaked out almost everyone in the office.

Maybe the answer is that it’s simply easier to guess with some people than it is with others. After all, some people have more planets in certain signs that can make their Sun sign energy stronger, while others may have very mixed birth charts that make guessing nearly impossible.

If you haven’t looked at your birth chart, you should study it for a bit to see what I mean. As for Mark, I didn’t guess that he is an Aquarius immediately, but after that heady, off-beat cosmic conversation we had, there’s no mistake about it.

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