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Learn about the New Moon in Virgo at Tarot.comI love how this Saturday’s New Moon in Virgo cuts the month completely in half. It falls on September 15, and the Astrologers keep saying that the second half of September is going to be action-packed.

So the fact that there’s a New Moon dissecting the month makes it easier for me to look at the two halves of the month and grasp what’s about to happen: Namely, as Maria DeSimone said, the “$h_t” is going to hit the fan.

But before that happens, this New Moon in Virgo kicks off the second half of September with a new beginning in our lives. This is a time we should use to organize and prepare for what’s ahead, and as far as I can tell in this case I think it means getting ready to deal with some major events — both personally and globally.

The New Moon in Virgo is smart, and it wants us to take care of business before things get crazy. So if you can think of how your life might possibly be rattled in the next two weeks, and what you might do to get ready for it — do THAT.

Do you know what I mean? I mean, if you’ve been thinking about leaving your abusive husband for years, it might very well happen this month — so start packing. Or if you’ve been wanting to quit your job, it’s possible you’ll leave quite suddenly this month, so start cleaning up your files.

For me, I think I need to update my earthquake preparedness kit. That’s a project I’d like to focus on now so if something happens I’ll be ready. I hope that doesn’t sound paranoid, but all this talk of change and the upcoming Uranus-Pluto square on September 19 are convincing me it’s time to replace those radio batteries and swap out some of the food items I added to the kit 2000.

See, I’m already getting more organized. How very Virgo!

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