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Read the Fall Love Horoscopes at Tarot.comOh boy. The Fall Love Horoscopes are in, and I’m not sure I like what I see. It appears there’s going to be a lot of tension for everyone to work through in romance and relationships. Gee, when isn’t there? I have to ask …

Anyhow, there’s some positive lovey dovey stuff happening –Jupiter Retrograde, eclipses in sexy Scorpio and flirty Gemini and Neptune Direct will give us a dreamy outlook on love.

But there are also some key things to watch out for — starting with love planet Venus in Virgo on October 3, which can bring out criticism in lovers. And Mercury goes retrograde on November 6, which always puts stress on relationships.

And for me, the Gemini fall love horoscope ain’t that sweet. Mercury is going retrograde in my 7th House of Relationships, which tends to make people question their partnerships. And then there’s a big Lunar Eclipse on November 28 that forces the Twins to make a big decision about love.

Hmmmmm. I spend too much time thinking about my relationship as it is, so you can see why I’m not thrilled with the fall love forecast. But at least now I know what I’ll be dealing with, which can help me bounce right over the bumps. That’s the whole point of Astrology, right?

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