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Learn about the Moon in every sign at Tarot.comI’m STARVING. I just polished off a great big homemade blueberry muffin, but I’m still hungry. It must be the Taurus Moon. The fact that I even MADE blueberry muffins is proof it’s a Taurus Moon, in fact, as I typically use my oven for storage.

Whenever the Moon is in Taurus, as it is from today at 8:41 a.m. PST until late Thursday evening, all I feel like doing is eating, sleeping and cuddling with my boyfriend or my cats — whichever is more readily available and closer to grab hold of from my sofa, which I don’t feel like leaving.

This is the energy of Taurus. It’s very comfortable and steady, and frankly I love it. Taurus is such a sensory sign, and when the Moon takes a time-out in Taurus it gives me a chance to slow down, relax and just enjoy the way things feel, taste and smell. Except when my cat sticks his butt in my face, which is a smell I won’t get into detail about. 🙂

That’s my boy George on the left, by the way. I’m pretty sure he himself must have a Taurus Moon because he’s a non-stop snuggler, as you can see.

The Moon rules our emotions, so a steady Taurus Moon really helps even out our feelings, too. It’s nice to climb off the emotional roller coaster for a day. I’m a Gemini and my emotions tend to be up and down and scattered all over the place, but I tend to find myself on a pretty even keel during a Taurus Moon.

So basically, I’m planning to use today to chill. There is some competing cosmic energy that may cause some of us anxiety, thanks to a few planets making irritating aspects to Uranus. But I’m not going to focus on that. I’m going to enjoy the Taurus Moon from underneath a pizza and a couple of big, soft, fuzzy, purring cuddle monsters.

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