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Learn about Mercury trine Uranus at Tarot.comHey, smartypants! Yes, I’m talking to you — all of you. That’s because we get another shot at brilliance tomorrow with Mercury trine Uranus on Saturday, August 18.

This is the third time this summer we’ve been under the influence of this genius aspect, which also lined up on July 4 and July 25. If you can think back to whatever flashes of brilliance you had on those days, we’re in for more of the same.

Actually, it’s going to be even better this time because Mercury is no longer retrograde, so it will be all that much easier to generate great ideas and put them into action.

Mercury trine Uranus is such a stimulating aspect, it’s impossible not to get excited about it. Not to mention it’s happening on Saturday, smack-dab in the middle of what is lining up to be a near-perfect summer weekend — at least it is for me here in the Pacific Northwest, where the weather forecast is as sunny as the cosmic forecast.

There are only a few cosmic clouds on Saturday, with a fussy Virgo Moon and a difficult aspect between Mercury and Pluto. But if this stirs up any power struggles, that Mercury-Uranus trine will sweep in with one of those brilliant ideas and totally save the day.

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