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Read your Weekend Love Horoscope at Tarot.comI’m so excited this morning! It’s Friday, there’s a very loving Full Moon in Pisces — not to mention it’s also a Blue Moon — it’s a three-day holiday weekend, and I have a date with my man tonight!

Romance is always sweeter beneath a Pisces Moon, when feelings are more readily felt, and this particular Blue Moon is expected to fulfill our fantasies and help us connect with one another. In addition to romance, an appreciation for things like music, art and nature is highlighted now.

It’s also worth mentioning that the Full Moon is making a dynamic square with happy-go-lucky Jupiter on Friday evening, which will put us in an optimistic mood and encourage us to be more adventurous.

I’m pretty sure my date tonight is going to be awesome. It’s the perfect cosmic conditions for a twosome to do something simple and sweet, like an evening picnic in the park, a moonlight bike ride or an outdoor concert. We haven’t firmed up our plans yet, but I’m sure we’ll be doing one of those things.

Saturday is looking good, too, until the Moon slips into more aggressive Aries that night and breaks the peaceful calm. Both Saturday night and Sunday could get emotional, and people might rebel against partners who put too much pressure on them.

Hey, good to know. I’ll watch out for turning into a cling-on toward the second half of the weekend. But really I’m just hoping that Friday is so magical it carries me through the whole weekend on a romantic high. Go get ’em, lovers!

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