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Read the Weekly Love Horoscope at Tarot.comHave you ever had a painfully embarrassing moment in your love life? I’m not talking about having spinach caught in your teeth or farting on a date. I’m talking about something much more heavy — like telling someone you love them and being met with silence. Or breaking up with someone, only to go begging for them to take you back a week later.

Well, get ready for this kind of emotional extremes, because that’s what we’re up against this week. Wednesday’s North Node in Scorpio is pointing toward emotional accountability. It’s about going deep in the name of getting what you want, and settling the score to make sure we’re getting what we give.

If you’re not getting all that you desire from your lover, watch out! You might finally erupt and make major demands now — and it could be embarrassing if those demands aren’t met.

Then on Friday, there’s a Full Moon in Pisces that pushes us even harder to get what we want from relationships. Pisces overwhelms logical thinking with the desire for intimacy and connection. And if you’re not getting those things, this Full Moon can bring those needs to the surface and give your relationship a jolt.

As for me, I’ve been trying to get my boyfriend to bring me flowers for over a year, so I’m probably going to throw an embarrassing tantrum about that. 🙂

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