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Learn about Venus in Cancer at Tarot.comOh, thank heavens — literally. Love planet Venus is moving into Cancer tomorrow, and I’m looking at it like a much-needed relationship IV that will feed my starvation for intimacy.

Sorry, that sounds melodramatic (you can blame that on my Leo Rising). But frankly, Venus has been in jittery Gemini for so long that my love life is suffering from the superficial. It’s been all parties and group outings and family gatherings, and very little one-on-one time to nurture our passion and romance.

Where Venus in Gemini is all about non-committal feelings and lighthearted flirting, Venus in Cancer takes love more seriously. It becomes more of a priority to nurture romantic relationships during this time. People become more sweet and sentimental, and it’s definitely time to snuggle up for some one-on-one.

I need this. I have been waiting for it.

My boyfriend isn’t very romantic, and he’ll be the first one to admit it. And with Venus in Gemini, his affections have been even more scattered than usual. I know it’s not that I’m not important to him, but it’s been difficult for him to find time to pay me enough attention and I’m starting to get a little blue. And also, I’ve started whining.

Note to self: Whining is NOT HOT!

So, if a loving transit like this can come along just when we need it and inspire my guy to buy me a flower or say something sweet, which in turn will sweeten my mood, all I can do is stop complaining and thank my lucky stars.

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