Cosmic Candor

Get a free Love Tarot Reading from Tarot.comIt doesn’t matter if you’re one of those sappy, schmoopy, lovey-dovey couples we all hate to envy, or if you’re single and ready to mingle — either way, life is getting good.

That’s because love planet Venus is now in the most sentimental zodiac sign, Cancer, and communication planet Mercury is moving direct in loving Leo. Altogether, this is setting us up for some sweet intimacy and fun times.

Not only is Mercury Retrograde SO O-V-E-R, but I should also remind you that it’s still summer, and the Sun is also roaring through Leo. So if you’ve been on a rocky relationship road the past few weeks, it’s about to get much better.

In fact, remember how I told you I was planning to talk to my boyfriend about my “needs?” Well, I didn’t even have to. He just came out and said the sweet things I needed to hear, all on his own without my prompting!

So I’m feeling pretty confident and upbeat about the cosmic energy right now, and I hope you’re right there with me!

If you’re wondering what’s coming next, now’s a good time to do a love Tarot reading. This works for both couples and singles, and it’s a great way to feel better about your overall love potential and prospects.

Check it out, and enjoy this loving time!

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