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Read about Mars in Scorpio at Tarot.comAction planet Mars is on the move, but I’m sure not. I’ve got one of those dreaded summer cold-flu things, with the fever and the chills. And believe you me, it’s no fun to be down and out when the warrior planet is up and moving.

Mars in Scorpio is an intense transit that will last from August 23 to October 6. During this time, it’s all about doing deep digging into your life – jobs, relationships, etc. – and examining what changes you can make for the for the better.

There’s also a lot of passion during this transit. It’s supposed to be quite sexy, in fact, which is difficult to pull off when you’re sitting in a pile of snotty Kleenex.

But that’s OK. I know Mars in Scorpio will last longer than my cold, so I’ll be able to meet this challenge in a few days or so. I know this because people are capable of great endurance during this transit, and hey, lookit me, I’m already blogging my way through the fever!

If there’s one thing to watch out for while Mars is in Scorpio, it’s of people’s attitudes and actions becoming more aggressive than usual. So watch out for controlling behavior and jealousy – both in others and in yourself.

If you have any conflicts in your life, or even things you’re unhappy about but haven’t yet vocalized, prepare for them to rear up now. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing, though – remember, it’s all about getting to the bottom of issues so they can be resolved.

Good luck! As for me, right now I’m off to find some cold meds to resolve this fever.

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