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Read your DailyHoroscope at Tarot.comMan, I sure was in a foul mood last week. I should probably apologize to my friends and co-workers for my ill temper. And I mean that literally — I was ill, which made me miss work and fall behind, then I got cranky trying to catch up and make everyone happy while still feeling under the weather. I snapped at a few people. Sorry!

I think my icky-sicky-crankypants were also exacerbated by the Sun moving into critical Virgo and Mars moving into Scorpio last week, which are not exactly happy-go-lucky transits. But why am I reliving last week, you ask? Because I was bummed to see that today’s horoscope calls for irritability, and frankly I’m done with being in a bad mood!

Er, in other words I’m irritated at the prospect of being irritable. See, Mercury is sesquiquadrate Uranus early on Tuesday, August 28, which can make people scattered and short-tempered and sarcastic. But that’s only if you let the negative side of an aspect or transit take hold and control you. The upside is that this particular aspect can also lead to flashes of insight.

And here’s the good news: If you’re aware of the flip sides to every Astrological aspect or transit, you can control which energy to run with! You just have to be aware of what’s influencing you and commit to making small adjustments in behavior throughout the day.

See?! Maybe I’m already having a brilliant flash — which is that even when your daily horoscope says things might not be so awesome, you can still turn that frown upside down.

So today I’m going to focus on the positive in my daily horoscope, and every time I begin to feel irritable, I’ll just give myself a little attitude adjustment. Just image what a peaceful world we’d be living in if everyone did the same!

Mercury sesquiquadrate Uranus? Meh. I’m going to focus on the fun side to this afternoon’s quirky-but-friendly Aquarius Moon and embrace my free will — even when it comes to Astrology.

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