Cosmic Candor

Learn all about the Full Moon in Capricorn fireworks at Tarot.comI’m getting excited for tomorrow’s Full Moon in Capricorn — it’s going to pack a powerful punch that will make for some real Fourth of July fireworks, indeed!

The Full Moon in Capricorn actually takes place on Tuesday, July 3 — a day before the Fourth of July holiday — but we’ll still feel its effects a day later as we gather to celebrate Independence Day with family and friends.

That’s because this Full Moon is making some crazy aspects to Uranus and Pluto that are setting us up for some surprises.

We’ll probably be feeling a little rebellious and full of urgent energy the next couple of days, and hopefully this impulsiveness won’t lead to any trouble.

I’m planning to spend July 4 at a big day-long BBQ on the river, with lots of couples and kids and dogs running around. I’m hoping it all goes smoothly — meaning, no arguments or accidents.

Astrology advises we prepare for our plans to change at the last minute over the next couple of days, so I’m ready to roll with the punches. Bring it on, cosmos! Gimme whatcha got!

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