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Learn about your Moon sign at Tarot.comHappy Moon Day! It’s the 43rd anniversary of man’s first walk on the Moon by Neil Armstrong on July 20, 1969, and I’m looking at it as the perfect opportunity to celebrate all things lunar.

Right now the Moon is in lively Leo, which makes us a little more playful and show-offy than usual. Leo is all about attracting attention, big romance and expressing  creativity, so it happens to be one of my favorite placements for the Moon.

So, yes, this is where the Moon is today, and keep in mind it will change signs every couple of days. But we each have a personal Moon sign, too.  Our Moon sign is based on where the Moon was when we were born, and it rules our emotions and our inner world.

My own Moon sign is Capricorn, which is pretty hardcore. Having a Capricorn Moon means I’m extremely serious, practical and hardworking, but I’m also a little too controlled. And because the Moon rules emotions, this means I’m pretty good at hiding mine. I’m not proud of that, but hey, I’m working on it!

Mostly, I’m pretty happy about having a Capricorn Moon because it balances out my playful, scattered Gemini Sun and my overly dramatic Leo Rising so that people will take me a bit more seriously. (Er, at least I hope.)

Do you know your own Moon sign? Celebrate Moon Day by looking up your Moon sign here and see if suddenly sheds new light on an important part of who you are:

Learn all about your Moon sign and at »

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