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Life with Leo: This Lion Can Roar!

posted by Karen A. Kay

I’ve always gotten along so well with Leos. I’m a Gemini, and I actually noticed how compatible our signs must be long before I began studying Astrology.

Leos would just naturally come into my life — my dad’s a Leo, and I’ve had many Leo best friends and boyfriends who always made life more fun. These people all are entertaining, warm, generous, glamorous and … well, admittedly, sometimes they come off a little too self-absorbed.

The more I’ve learned about Leo, however, the more I’ve learned that for the most part they aren’t really as self-centered as they can seem. In truth, Leo is a very loving sign. Yes, there is an ego there. But really it’s just that Leos happen to be blazing through life so fast, they get all caught up in the drama and glamour and excitement, and sometimes they simply forget to stop and ask how you are. It doesn’t mean they don’t care. They care — a lot.

I know what that’s like, because I’m part Leo myself. I have a Leo Rising, and when I found this out it explained so much. It explained why I’m so compatible with this outgoing sign, and it also explained why I have such a flair for drama — and such a hot temper. Ah-ha!

My Leo dad also has a hot temper, and that’s because Leo is a fire sign. And man, when Leo feels burned, that King of the Jungle can roar! Proud, ferocious and fierce, you’ll never catch me going out of my way to make a Leo mad!

My Leo Rising also helped me understand how it is that I can so easily cut people out of my life when I feel I’ve been wronged. I’m loyal to a fault, as most Leos are, but when scorned, well, it’s bye-bye FOREVER. Leo is somewhat a sign of extremes. Ruled by the Sun, Leo’s light shines bright on those we love, but if crossed Leo is capable of turning cold in a flash and walking away for good.

I just read this great blog, “Real Life Astrology: Leo” from astrologer Maria DeSimone, who has two Leo children and understands this zodiac sign and all its ups and down very well.

Check it out for more insight into this wonderfully complicated sign! And let me know, do you have many Leos in your life? Does this sound like them?

Read “Real Life Astrology: Leo” by Maria DeSimone at »

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