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Learn about Mercury trine Uranus at Tarot.comI’m gearing up for a case of the brain spins today! I usually have trouble turning off my supercharged Gemini brain as it is, but today Mercury Retrograde is forming a trine with electric Uranus that’s expected to overwhelm everyone with brilliant ideas.

This isn’t a bad thing, of course. Who doesn’t love a brilliant idea or two? It’s just that it’s no fun when your overactive brain keeps you awake all night. Plus, we may very well have so many great ideas today that we can’t possibly pursue them all.

Mercury trine Uranus is usually a highly stimulating aspect, and that is still the case now, although this time there is a slight Mercury Retrograde roadblock. (Don’t fret, because we’ll have another chance to make the most of this brainy aspect on August 18, and by then Mercury will be direct).

Our minds will likely come alive today, and we’ll be able to think more clearly and solve problems better, but because we’re in the midst of MRx we may have trouble putting our brilliant ideas into action. It could be we simply become overwhelmed and paralyzed with indecision. (You know, like a typical day-in-the-life of a Gemini.)

This is where the fruitless brain spins come in, which could lead to some frustration today. We’ll also be held back by self-doubt brought on by the Libra Moon’s conjunction with strict Saturn. So, overall we’re going to experience a high level of mental activity, but we’ll struggle to find an outlet for it.

If you’re a writer, like me, or if your work and daily routine involves communication, computers or big group meetings, you’ll fare better than most because you can get it out of your system.

For the rest of you, just use this time to jot down your ideas and talk ’em them all through. Save them for a rainy day, if you will. Then you can put those ideas into action later, when the forward momentum is better.

See, now that’s a brilliant idea right there!

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