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Learn about the Astrology phases of the Moon at Tarot.comAstrology circles are buzzing about tomorrow’s New Moon in Gemini — the second Gemini New Moon within a month — but there are also a lot of people out there who don’t “get” what a New Moon means.

The truth is, learning to work with the Moon phases is the most simple and practical way to apply Astrology to everyday life. It’s great for beginners!

The Moon’s phases reflect the rhythm of our own lives, waxing and waning and moving and influencing us just as the Moon influences the tides.

And it all begins with each New Moon. New Moons are the start of the lunar cycle, and they mark the time of the month when we become more internal and reflective about what’s happening in our lives currently, and what we want to happen in the month ahead.

The Moon completes one lunation cycle — from New Moon to Full and back again — over the course of about one month, and each lunar cycle entails the birth, culmination and completion of something in our lives.

If you know where in your chart the New Moon is taking place, you can get even more insight about the areas of your life that will come into focus at the New Moon.

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