Cosmic Candor

Get your cosmic guide to the Sun in Cancer at Tarot.comHello, Summer! The sunny season officially arrives today, at the same time the Sun moves into Cancer at 4:09 p.m. (PT) / 7:09 p.m. (ET).

I’m excited about this, because the frenetic energy of the jittery Sun in Gemini has been running me ragged — I’m ready to slow down a little, relax and think sweet thoughts, which is exactly what the Cancer Sun is all about.

Well, at least is usually is. But this particular Sun in Cancer cycle will be a little bit crabbier than usual because of the upcoming Uranus-Pluto square on June 24. That’s going to stir up some interesting activity that might harsh some of our mellow, but hopefully not too much.

Cancer is such a sensitive, caring and emotional sign that the best way to ensure life stays sweet in the coming month is to take it easy, stick close to home and spend some extra time with friends and family.

As this heartwarming, sentimental summer gets going, I plan to have lots of my peeps over for dinner, go on picnics in the park and long walks in the neighborhood with my sweetie. I might even say “I love you.” It’s the perfect time.

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