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Read the Free June Horoscopes at Tarot.comJune is always my favorite month — it’s when the roses start blooming here in Portland, Ore., the weather starts to warm, people pick up on that fun, flirty Sun-in-Gemini energy, and then of course it’s also my birthday month. Exciting!

This June may not be quite as sweet as usual — after all, Venus is still retrograde until June 27 — but it will be especially interesting, as it’s packed with major astrological events that will have ramifications in our personal lives and in culture for years to come.

We’re in a period of profound transformation, and it all begins this month with the first of seven major Uranus-Pluto squares taking place on June 24. We can expect to see some major social shifts between now and March of 2015!

This month also features a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius, Neptune Retrograde, Jupiter in Gemini, Mercury and the Sun movie into Cancer, and Summer Solstice! Whew! It’s gettin’ cah-razy!

I’m am expecting some truly amazing things to happen this month — there’s a focus on letting go of the past and lightening up and moving on. But the ride might get a little bumpy along the way. I’m going to ride in stride, however, because at least I know I’m on the way to somewhere special.

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