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Get a Free 3-Card Celtic Cross Tarot Reading from Tarot.comYou know what they say — Time heals all wounds. Or wait, is it time wounds all heals? Whichever it is (probably both), the time for healing is now. That’s because Chiron, “the wounded healer,” is retrograde, and this planetary body packs quite a cosmic whallop.

Technically an asteroid, Chiron is associated with wounds and it has the healing power to transform our deepest hurts into something positive. So now that Chiron has gone retrograde from June 11 to November 10, 2012, we have a five-month long opportunity to find healing by looking within ourselves.

This might be a painful process, but it will be well worth it. Or at least I hope it will. My own heart hurts most in the area of trust, so revisiting past betrayals in order to get past them doesn’t sound like too much fun.

That said, if you’ve been through any traumatizing experiences that have left you feeling, well, “damaged” or carrying painful emotional baggage, as I have, this is a great time to work on repairing that hurt and transforming our pain into peace.

We’re going to need to identify the things that hurt the most before we can begin healing, of course, which is the painful part. But once we’ve worked through it (with help from Chiron), we’ll feel free and lighter than we have in years.

Good luck! If you need a place to start, I’d recommend a Tarot reading for insight. I’m going to do one myself, asking the question “What can I do to help me trust people again?” Bring it on, Chiron, let’s get this party started!

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