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Read about the 2012 Venus transit of the Sun at Tarot.comIt’s one thing to feel Astrology, but it’s even more amazing when you can actually see it in action. So take a look up this Wednesday, June 5 as love planet Venus visibly transits the Sun in a once-in-a-lifetime event.

Venus will cross the Sun from about 3:06 p.m. to 10 p.m. (PDT), and if you pick up a pair of solar glasses or welder’s glasses from a home improvement store, you’ll be able to see it from most places in the world. This won’t happen again until 2117!

Aside from the visual spectacle, this Venus-Sun conjunction has significant meaning in Astrology, too. It’s great news for love and relationships! When the Sun is conjunct Venus, it puts an emphasis on creativity and self-expression. It’s about getting out to meet and mingle, throwing parties and putting energy into pleasurable activities.

So go on, get out there! Maybe you’ll meet someone special while you’re shopping for those welder’s glasses!

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