Cosmic Candor

Me and my quirky Aquarius mom.

We’re coming up on Mother’s Day weekend, and let me tell you this: My mom is a saint. She’s also an Aquarius, so in addition to being the most generous humanitarian I’ve ever met, she’s also completely bananas. Or at least she drives me bananas — but I mean that in a totally good way.

My Aquarius mom has always been nurturing, supportive and gifted with an endless supply of quirky ideas that made my childhood an overall fantastic time, in spite of her raising two children alone with little money while working two jobs.

Mom always marched to the beat of her own Linda Ronstadt records, and she encouraged my brother and me to do the same. Never one to give a hoot about what anyone thought, she’d smuggle McDonalds hamburgers into the movies, sneak us into hotel swimming pools on hot summer nights, and let us stay up very very late eating popsicles in December. Bedtime? What’s that?

Sometimes Mom embarrassed me because she wasn’t like the other moms. She was always late picking us up from school. She talked a mile a minute and said weird things. She never wore skirts or heels, and she didn’t like hair-and-makeup. But she did like to garden, so she kept the yard immaculate while the inside of the house was a disaster zone.

See, she drove me kind of crazy. But she also taught me to be my own person, follow my heart, think for myself and shrug off the opinions of others as simply that — opinions. She taught me how to live a happy, independent life, and for that I love my Aquarius mom.

P.S. I’ll be getting her flowers for Mother’s Day because (just like always) she doesn’t need or want anything else. I’m thinking gladiolus because they’re as bright and beautiful and she is herself. What flowers would you get your mom?

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