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Learn about Uranus square Pluto at Tarot.comFor the past year I’ve been reading and hearing about “Uranus square Pluto” — an upcoming series of epic Astrology aspects that is likely to usher in a period of profound change on a global scale. Whoa.

You can’t help but sit up and listen when you hear all this buzz coming from so many world-class Astrologers about the major changes ahead. Uranus square Pluto, what?! I thought this is the year we’re supposed to fear the end of the world? (Just kidding.)

In truth, Dec. 21, 2012 is no biggie at all — it’s just the end of the Mayan Calendar, not the end of the world. But what IS a big deal is Uranus square Pluto, and the first square in this series takes place in just a few weeks on June 24.

So what’s it mean, exactly? Well, Uranus is known in Astrology circles as the rebel planet of freedom and surprises, and Pluto is planet of transformation. So when these two planets square off seven times between now and 2015, it’s going to turn our whole world upside down.

Not literally, of course. But Master Astrologer Jeff Jawer says we’re definitely in for some interesting times. We can expect to encounter a great deal of change on both personal and global levels, and Jawer says this series of Uranus-Pluto squares could mark an evolutionary leap for our entire species!

Now THAT is worth exploring further, dontcha think?

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