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Read your New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini Horoscope at Tarot.comWhatever you’re doing Sunday, be prepared for some surprises — your plans are going to be eclipsed (literally) by some hot planetary action. The Sun is moving into Gemini, and there’s also a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini the same day.

Change is in the air now, and we’re going to be forced to leave behind the staus quo and adapt to some new beginnings. Change is always a little anxiety inducing, but don’t worry — you can handle it and it’s all for the best. I’m not just saying that, promise.

The Sun’s move into chatty Gemini on Sunday will kick off a month of profound communication and exploration — you’ll want variety over commitment to any one thing, and while this might be frustrating in terms of relationships (especially with Venus Retrograde), it’s still a more-or-less carefree time of discovery.

But the real big news on Sunday is the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini at 7:47 p.m. (EDT), which may disrupt the day with some unexpected twists and turns.

You might feel a bit of information overload now — between the nonstop chatter from the Gemini Sun and the shadowy confusion of the New Moon Solar Eclipse, you’ll have to filter through a bit of brain fog. You’ll be clamoring to figure everything out at once, but the key is to just try and realize you CAN’T. Things need to unfold in their own time.

So, um, relax. Practice patience. And  here, read your horoscope, it will help guide you through the fog.

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