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Try the Free Love Astrology Compatibility Meter at Tarot.comHave you ever dated anyone with the same horoscope sign as your own? Well, I’m a Gemini and I’m dating another Gemini, and let me tell you — the four of us are having a fabulous time. 🙂

But seriously, it’s pretty awesome. We talk for hours on end about everything, laugh at the same jokes, have similar energy levels and sex drives, and share many things in common — like being slightly scatterbrained and perfectly willing to forgive each other for it.

And if we ever argue, which we rarely do, it’s no biggie because we’re both Geminis — we’ll either get over it quickly or just forget anything bad happened at all. “Wait, what? You were mad? Nevermind, let’s go get tacos and go bungee jumping! Ok!”

I feel lucky because I know this kind of compatibility isn’t always the case with inner-sign dating. I mean, if you put two Aries together they’d quite possibly fight constantly — unless they learned to fight fair. And if you put two Aquarius together they’d possibly be so detached from one another that their passion would never catch fire.

The best matches when it comes to inner-sign dating are probably (generally speaking) Cancer, Virgo and Libra, but each sign-on-sign match has its own strengths and weaknesses.

If you’re dating someone your same sign or you’re curious what that would be like, you can look it up for free with this compatibility meter. Maybe it’ll help you work out some kinks. As for me, I gotta run — me and my Gemini Twin have a hot date.

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