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Free Astrology Love Compatibility Meter at Tarot.comDon’t you hate it when you realize you’re dating the wrong person? You always wish you’d figured it out sooner, but that’s impossible to know. Or is it?

It’s happened to most of us. You’re attracted to someone, you start spending time together and it’s fun. But then maybe you spend too much time together and your gut begins to nag at you. Then you realize your relationship feels like trying to shove a square peg into a round hole. Not fun.

And of course by then you may feel really stuck. You don’t want to give up on something in which you’ve invested with so much time and emotional energy. So you keep trying, but it only gets harder.

What’s the answer to this age-old dating dilemma, my friends? Is there even an answer? Maybe not. Dating is really just about getting to know someone and see if you fit together. There’s no way to circumvent that process, but there is at least one way to help. You just need to do a little homework before you begin seeing someone.

This is where the beauty of Astrology comes in. If you meet someone you’re interested in dating, just find out their birthday and plug it in to the Astrology Love Meter at By looking at your Sun sign compatibility, it will tell you instantly if your relationship has the potential to be hot or not, and it’ll also call out areas you may need to work on together.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to compatibility, but it’s a great place to start before you get too far into a relationship that’s clearly not going to work — or if you need help shoving that square peg into that round hole.

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