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Master Astrologer Jeff Jawer blogs about the United Astrology Conference 2012What a week for Astrology! The United Astrology Conference (UAC), the largest Astrology conference in the world, was held in New Orleans, La., last week, and my friend and colleague, Master Astrologer Jeff Jawer, was there to connect with all his friends and fans.

Jeff said the UAC, which is held only once every four years, attracts more than 1,200 people from 30 countries, all gathered to hear the latest about Astrology news, forecasting, consulting, spirituality, history, finance, politics, mythology and more.

Plus, there are social gatherings and plenty of chit-chat, of course, during which Jeff says he learned that Astrology is more popular than ever, and he’s heartened to see how much interest has grown since he began practicing in 1973.

“The range, depth and maturity of the presentations is incredible,” he said. “The breadth of talented practitioners and teachers is a testament to the growth of our field. The maturity of the lectures that address the ethical and practical issues of astrological counseling is also inspiring.”

It sounds like an educational and inspiring event, indeed! I’m sorry I missed it myself, but maybe I’ll get to go in 2016. In the meantime we can all read Jeff’s blog about the event for all the juicy details.

Jeff reminds us all that Astrologers helped to birth civilization by mapping the skies and creating the calendars necessary for agriculture, and Astrology also produced the first and still most insightful and complex system of personality analysis.

“And perhaps most important of all,” Jeff said, “Astrology continues to remind us that we are deeply connected with nature, and that the rhythms of the earth and sky continue to keep us in sync with the cosmos.”

Thanks, Jeff!

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