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Read your Sun in Gemini Horoscope at Tarot.comIt’s Gemini time, my favorite time of the year! Or at least it usually is — it’s my birthday month and I love the fun, flirty energy Gemini always brings (not to mention the presents and the cake). But I’m a little worried this time around.

The thing is, yesterday’s New Moon Solar Eclipse and the current Venus Retrograde transit are curbing my enthusiasm somewhat.

Sun in Gemini is a time when we’re supposed to spread our wings and fly — explore new things, meet new people, flit and flirt and gad about. But this time around Venus is holding me back.

I’ll probably still eat the cake, but I do feel more like fretting than flirting, and I’m sure it also has to do with the New Moon Solar Eclipse. We can still feel it today, and perhaps many of you are also feeling a bit confused about everything?

I think perhaps the deep reflection of Venus Retrograde + the foggy information overload of the New Moon Solar Eclipse = worry. Then toss in that somewhat scatterbrained Gemini energy and you get a little bit of a hot mess.

What am I going to do? Probably throw myself into a new project or plan so I can capitalize on this restless energy and distract myself from worries. And maybe get a new ‘do — after all, for Gemini, the Sun in Gemini is all about new beginnings. I may as well start with my hair.

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