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Learn all about your Moon sign at Tarot.comI’ve always known I’m a Gemini Sun sign, but it wasn’t until I learned my Moon sign that everything began to make sense.

I used to wonder why, if I’m a lighthearted, scatterbrained, easy-breezy Gemini, why I also was such a workaholic and so darned Type-A. Then I found out I have a Capricorn Moon, and my world became clear.

See, your Sun sign shows how you express your identity to the world, but your Moon sign is much more personal. Your Moon sign reveals your emotional self — the things that make you feel happy, safe and comfortable. The things you truly need to be emotionally fulfilled.

For me and my Capricorn Moon, that means in order to feel fulfilled I need to be practical and productive. I find my security and safety in getting things done and keeping things orderly — ok, yeah, I can be a little bit of a control freak at times. Just see what happens if you try to interrupt me when I’m working!

But this is good! I love the way Astrology works to balance out the Gemini part of me that wouldn’t get anything done if not for my serious and hardworking Capricorn Moon.

Learning my Moon sign is what truly hooked me on Astrology. Maybe it will for you, too.

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