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Read about Venus Retrograde by Maria DeSimone at Tarot.comOkay, I already was whining about Venus Retrograde yesterday, so I’ll try keep this short. But the thing is, it’s kind of a big deal.

I’m on high love anxiety wondering if my boyfriend is going to call and tell me he suddenly “needs space.” Or worse, maybe he won’t call at all. Or maybe my ex-creep is going to get in touch and tell me he made a terrible mistake. (Um, of course you did, duh.)

These are the kind of things that happen routinely during Venus Retrograde, so I’m paranoid. But I did just read this reassuring blog from Astrologer Maria DeSimone that calmed me down, so I’ll share it with you in case you’ve got the Venus Retrograde in Gemini jitters, too.

Maria explains that this Venus Retrograde transit will affect Taurus and Libra (or Taurus and Libra Rising signs) the most, so be sure to read her blog if you’re either of those zodiac signs.

But the rest of us should also read her blog for more insight into how Venus Retrograde may spur us to reconsider our choices in matters of the heart and make changes where we’re not satisfied. Which, of course, is ultimately a good thing. Er, right?

Maria also offers up this interesting tidbit — Astrology works in patterns, and this particular Venus Retrograde period will mimic 2004. Can you remember back that far? Because whatever was happening in your love life when Venus went Retrograde from May 17 to June 29 of 2004 may happen again. Not exactly, of course, but similarly.

Uh-oh, I think that was when I realized I was in a dead-end relationship and had to get out. The next six weeks should be interesting! Stay tuned, I’ll keep ya posted.

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