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To my readers on this blogsite… I have made a serious error and this note is to apologize for it. On Dec, 28 on this blog I published an anecdote about my son’s class of young school children giving a […]

Does God want anything? Does God require anything of God’s Creations? If we do not give God what God wants, will God judge us, condemn us, and punish us with everlasting torture? There is much that humans have been taught […]

You are continually in the act of creation. Did you know that? It’s true. Every second of every minute of every hour of every day you are creating. The only question is, are you doing it consciously or unconsciously? = […]

Things look pretty much like “politics as usual” these days…but in the years ahead don’t be surprised if we all see a pretty big shift in the way politics are done…and the way our collective life is created and experienced… […]

It’s great to have our spiritual beliefs inform our politics, but what if those spiritual beliefs are ancient understandings that cannot possibly be applied to our modern world? How do the rules of Yesterday’s God apply to humanity today? = […]

Under the doctrine of the separation of Church and State, can there be a place for spirituality in politics? Or should we keep our spiritual ideas and views out of it, and keep our politics free of spiritual influence? During […]

What are we telling our young people, what are we teaching our children, about life and how it is? Do we understand that children learn more from our actions than from our words? If we want a newer world for […]

We say that we build our lives on our most sacred beliefs. But is it possible that some of our beliefs about God and life are actually self-destructive? Humanity had better look at this…and soon. = = = = = […]

There is a way to create peace in this world. Sometimes it feels as if there is not, that the cause is hopeless, but there is a way that we can achieve harmony on this planet. There are the Five […]

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