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You are who you say you are

I hope and trust that you had a wonderful New Year’s Day! And today we move into the third part of the Triad Formula, which is the First Step in a Three-Step approach to dealing with change in one’s life. […]


The decision is all yours

On the final day of this year, as the calendar page changes, let us talk more about how we can use spiritual principles to deal with changes in our life. Yesterday we explored part one of a three-part Change Process […]


Nothing you see is real

There are many ways to deal with the extraordinary changes that are occurring in people’s lives these days. Here is one of them… It is called The Change Process, and I began to talk about this in this space yesterday. […]


A valuable new tool

During these days between Christmas and New Year’s I would like to share with you an approach to dealing with the many changes that are occurring in our lives during these tumultuous times. I have developed a way of using […]

Heaven and nature sing!

There is a ‘right’ time and a ‘wrong’ time for everything, i think. Not in the sense of being morally Right or Wrong, but simply in the sense of being in harmony with the vibrations of the moment. In that […]

The Shoelace Conundrum

The path of transformation is not as easy path to walk. I know, because I have tried. Over and over again, in fact, I have tried. For me the issue is not that I have failed to try. Quite the […]

Happy Whatever

Remember The Great Christmas Tree Drama at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport two years ago? You may recall all the hullabaloo about the airport’s decision to remove the lighted trees from the airport in the middle of the night after a local […]

The Path to Transformation

How hard is transformation? How elusive is “enlightenment”? Are these things even possible? What is this process, by which the soul evolves? Or do we even have a soul… …and if we do, do we. as human beings in the […]

Suicide shown on TV

It is okay to take one’s own life when life itself is nothing but abject suffering? What does God say about suicide that is justified by an untenable medical condition? I’m sorry. I know I told you yesterday that we […]

Dealing with change

Is it possible to deal with all the changes we are facing in our lives in a way that makes sense to our soul? I am convinced that there is. But how, in this constantly shifting time, can we reconcile […]

The Spirit of Living Well

Are psychics an avenue to greater understanding, to answers for which we yearn, to insights about ourselves and our future? Let me say this about that. Every one of us in a “psychic.” That’s because every single one of us […]

Connecting to Spirit

Sexual abuse is one of the most challenging and damaging life experiences from which to recover. Yet recovery — and I mean full recovery, is possible. What is often needed and always beneficial is the heart and ear of someone […]

Is it okay to pray?

Is it okay to tell God what we most desire? Does God want us to simply sit back and accept whatever the Universe dishes out? Or do we have a pathway to God that may be used to bring about […]

Mumbai and Thankfulness

In the United States this is Thanksgiving Day. Yet while millions seek a place in their hearts from which to express gratitude, the world continues to be filled with terror and uncertainty. The horrific terrorist attack in Mumbai tells our […]

A new idea about God

I have been convinced by a Christian minister that what we need in this world is a new idea about God. I want to thank Rev. Mark Holick of Wichita for that. You may recall that yesterday in this space […]

What is “consciousness”?

What is “consciousness”? Is there such a thing as “higher” consciousness? Does it matter? There are a lot of questions that swirl around in the Consciousness Movement, and these are just a few. A couple of says ago a person […]

Are there ‘energy vampires’?

What is the nature of human energy…and can it affect us in a negative way? Do we have to protect ourselves from the incoming energy of others who can “drain” us? Got a note yesterday from “Sara E.” on this […]

Hear no evil, speak no evil-Part 2

Does simply observing that something is true mean that we are creating it as being more true? Can a thing be more true than “true”? Wow, what a lively discussion we’ve had here on the question of whether talking about […]

A billion zeros

The next time you hear a politician use the word ‘billion’ in a casual manner, think about whether you want the ‘politicians’ spending YOUR tax money. Have you seen this, now going around the Internet? A billion is a difficult […]

Threats against Obama rise

What is it that lives in the heart of Man that produces anger, hatred, and the idea of using violence and killing for any purpose whatsoever? I wonder this today as we hear from the Secret Service that threats against […]

Pikkuah Nefesh

I learned something new the other day. I learned about a spiritual principle called pikkuah nefesh. It is from the Jewish tradition, and the principles states, roughly: “To save a life, you can violate almost any commandment.” That interpretation comes […]

Suicide is not the answer

Yesterday a person who posted in the Comments Section here without a name indicated that he was close to suicide. I need to respond to that post, and I invite you to do the same. Here is the comment as […]

Back to CWG in a moment

Tomorrow, back to CwG. But for today, let me ask you an honest question — because it is important. What, exactly, is “wrong” with same sex marriage? And let me ask you another question. Is it humanity’s business to legislate […]

Alice Walker writes to Barack Obama

Alice Walker has written a marvelous letter to President-Elect Barack Obama. It is an “Openm Letter,” and so I am sure that Alice will not mind my sharing it here. It is both instructive and inspiring. Enjoy it. Dear Brother […]

A political leader says it!

Is it possible that we actually now have a political leader who understands that the highest truth of life is our Oneness? Yes, it is! The people of the United States chose that leader two days ago. It was a […]

Why do you suppose this is?

It feels like it’s becoming the same tug-of-war in every election. Are you noticing this? Are you wondering, as I am, how it has come down to this these past 10 years or so? It’s the urban vote vs. the […]

The world is ‘getting it’

The leaders of the world are getting it. All of the writing in Conversations with God said that they would, and they are. And so, the New Cosmology is about to be embraced, and the New Cosmology Movement is about […]

Liberals are anti-American!

I just wish the conservatives in this country, and so many of the “God fearing” folks, would stop calling liberals anti-American. Is it necessary–is it really necessary–to impugn the patriotism of people simply because their political views may be more […]

Killing to stop the killing

I just saw a poll at that said that 85% of respondents supported the death penalty. Are you among them? Do you think we should kill people in order to stop people from killing people? The question on the […]

Are gays people, too?

Yesterday the high court in Connecticut overturned the ban on gay marriage there. It said that the State’s constitution did not permit the State Government to refuse to grant marriage licenses to gay couples. This is, the high court said, […]

Americans can tell…can’t they?

Garrison Keillor is a syndicated columnist whose writings and work I have admired for a very long time. He has hundreds of thousands of other admirers all around the world. He wrote a column recently that was passed on to […]

You gotta make sense, at least

If you serve your country in public office, as a mayor, say, or a governor, it is not “work” in the regular sense, right? I mean, politicians don’t actually “work,” right? This is what some people think, anyway. In response […]

The soul’s desire is not a secret

Did you know that your body is something you have, it is not something you are? As I’ve said in this space before, it is a tool. A device. A mechanism. It is a physical machine, and a marvelous one, […]

Having stuff is for kindergarteners

Is suffering necessary in life on Earth? No, says Conversations with God. And all the spiritual masters of the world through all the ages have agreed. Yet how is this possible? Yesterday in the Comments Section of this blog the […]

Conservative calls for Palin to exit

One of America’s most conservative female columnists has just called for Sarah Palin to get out of the race for vice-president, saying, essentially, that she is an embarrassment. Tomorrow we return to the topics of the New Spirituality, as Sunday […]

Can love raise its voice?

Must a loving person never raise his voice, or say an angry thing, or use sharp words to make a point? My entry here yesterday brought some wonderful and interesting responses…among them, there was an entry from the person posting […]

Is “Oneness” Sameness?

Does “Oneness” mean “Sameness”? Does “Unity” mean “Uniformity”? Does “Singularity” mean “Similarity”? Today I would like to ask you all a question. I really want to know. What do you think? What do you really think about this? The other […]

The world’s problem

There is a problem in the world today, but it has nothing to do with politics, economics, or military excursions. Can you guess what it might be? A fascinating discussion took place at a three-day CwG event I recently facilitated […]

Can religion guide us?

In your opinion, have our earthly theologies provided humanity with effective guidance on how to live together in peace and harmony? Here’s my opinion: No. In fact, far too often they have produced just the opposite result. Today 400 children […]

Who is ‘in charge’ here?

We in the U.S. are about to decide who is ‘in charge’ here, by electing our next president in just a few weeks. But who is ‘in charge’ here on the whole earth? Is it God? That is the question […]

Setting the record straight

We will continue our discussion of the function of God in our next blog, but for now, I believe it is important for me to respond to a posting in the Comments Section here from a person who apparently has […]

Economic crisis God’s Will?

There are those who say we are on the verge of a major, major economic collapse in this country and around the world. Today’s events with one-time financial giant Lehman Brothers declaring bankruptcy, together with last month’s government bailout of […]

Who creates — God or us?

People love to talk about God. Some people even love to talk TO God. And a few people even love to talk WITH God. Our “classmate” Deb Reilly talks to God a lot. I know, because she told me so, […]

The God Phenomenon

Wow. Over 50 people posted entries in the Comments Section of yesterday’s blog here. There’s quite an interesting phenomenon developing on this site…many people are meeting up at this web location daily to see what’s being said…and to join in. […]

Are Catholics really members of Unity?

If “The Kingdom of God is within you” means that God is in you, does that mean that God and we are One? Or does that mean that God is STILL “over there” while we are “over here”…? This question […]

Is Jesus our savior?

Who is Jesus, really? Is he our savior? Is he the Son of God? And what is our relationship to Jesus, and to God? Last week a question and answer appeared in the Weekly Bulletin of the Conversations with God […]

When less is more

Do humans need more regulation, or less? More laws, or fewer? More restrictions, or none at all? Is it the role of government — and religion, for that matter — to keep us “in line”? I rarely do this here, […]

Of men, women, and God

The final word on women and their place in society is the Word of God, which makes the role of women very clear. God knows exactly What God Wants with regard to all of this, and it is humanity’s job […]

Women are second class citizens, right?

Is a woman allowed to speak? Is a woman allowed to lead? Is a woman allowed to have authority over men? Is a woman allowed to hold a position of responsibility in God’s church? By the way, which church IS […]

Having what you choose

Does God want us to have what we desire? Yes. Does God say we can have anything we want? No. Sunday School All Week continues here today, and I can’t go a step further without responding to an entry in […]

Anger’s Place

What do we do when we’ve “had it” with life, and “thinking positively” just is not working for us anymore? Is there a place in life for anger? Yesterday I ran a lengthy piece in which I quoted extensively from […]

Why ‘bad’ things happen

If you believe that you can have anything you want in life, you are in for a downfall — no matter what that movie The Secret says. The Law of Attraction does not say that whatever you want, you get. […]

What we’ve been taught

Does God want anything? Does God require anything of God’s Creations? If we do not give God what God wants, will God judge us, condemn us, and punish us with everlasting torture? There is much that humans have been taught […]

Does God exist?

Back in the Sixties posters, billboards, and bumper stickers began appearing asking the question, Is God dead? This question presumed that there was a God who was at some point alive. The reason the question was asked is that there […]

The need for salvation

Must we believe in Jesus to get to heaven? Does our life on earth as we have lived it count for nothing? Why is ‘salvation’ even required? The Theology Class at this blog continues today… I am very sorry that […]

Life is the real mystery

And so we move into the first round of responses and reactions to the responses and reactions of the extraordinary group that is gathering here to discuss and explore the greatest mysteries in the Universe. We began our Sunday School […]

Do Christians believe in ‘salvation’ or not?

Wow, I must be mistaken about what Christianity teaches and what Christians believe. I thought that Christianity teaches, “Either believe in Jesus or go to hell.” I thought that Christians believe that “either you believe in Jesus or you go […]

IS God a God of love?

“How many of you have read the Bible? The answers to all your questions are in there. God is a God of love and is the God of all of us. Do some research in the Bible and you will […]

Using God’s name in vain

Can we imagine a God who has no intention of ever punishing us – for anything? If so, what would be the point of having a God at all? let these be our questions for the day. Here is a […]

Does God punish us? If so, why?

“Since I’m a Muslim I should comment here. If you read the Koran, God definitely wants something from us and that is…” Thus begins a contribution on this blog to our continuing dialogue on What God Wants… This commentary, from […]

Are the Taliban ‘right’?

A group of 200 Taliban fighters overran a group of U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan on Sunday, killing nine Americans in uniform, and raising the specter, once again, of the Taliban asserting its fundamentalist brand of Islam wherever it holds sway […]

What does Allah want and require?

Can Americans admit that the actions of the United States are at least equally as responsible for the world’s unrest as the actions of other nations? That will be the key question facing U.S. foreign policy decision makers in the […]

Can women serve God?

Must human beings have male parts in order to be eligible to serve God as a member of the upper administration of His Church? Or, it put it more directly, can women be bishops? What does God want? Add why? […]

Will Jesus condemn us? Will God?

I had an interesting conversation Wednesday with a kind and gentle man who happened to be a part time Christian minister. His full time job was as a health insurance salesman, and I had invited him over to the house […]

What God Would Say

Imagine this. God comes down to Earth for one minute – one blessed 60-second moment – and announces to the world the solution to all of its problems and the way for every soul to experience heaven-on-earth and eternal salvation. […]

People power and God power – Part II

Who are we? Are we mere biological beings? Are we spirits with a body? What is our “right relationship” to God? I said here yesterday that, historically, humanity has sparked itself with a glimmer of hope, then returned to its […]

People power and God power

Many people agree that God works in the lives of human beings. But the question is: How? Through unasked-for intercession? Through begged-for miracles? Through answered prayers? And how about the problems of the world? Does God work with the world […]

Solving the problems of the world

The world faces an extraordinary array of problems, as we all know. But here is something we do not know: Who is working to solve them? Part of the problem with problems is that there are so many people who […]

Interview with Neale-Part VI

What do you think is needed now in our world? Have any guesses? I do. I believe that what is needed now in our world is that we change our minds about God, about life, about each other, about why […]

Interview with Neale-Part V

Part of the problem of humanity is denial that we are responsible for the world and how it is. We cannot create a new way of living on our planet until we take ownership for what we are been creating […]

Interview with Neale-Part IV

People talk about a consciousness shift on the planet, but is it happening fast enough to really help humanity? That’s the question facing our species today, and in the years immediately ahead. = = = = = = = = […]

Interview with Neale-Part III

Don’t ask for anything from God. Ever. Don’t ever do it. Asking God for anything is the surest way to make certain you never receive it. = = = = = = = = = = = = = = […]

Is Catholicism the Only Path to God?

You may know that Pope Benedict XVI made an assertion last July that the Catholic Church was the only true church. Can this is correct? If so, what does this mean? Is every other path to God doomed to failure? […]

Why you came to this earth

There is a reason you came to the earth. Your soul knows this reason, but your mind may not, because your mind may be thinking about it in all the wrong ways… (Last Friday I began here a series of […]

What is your mission?

“I want to change the world’s mind about God.” That’s the answer I give whenever I am asked — as I was yesterday in a radio interview — what my mission in the world is. Sounds pretty outlandish, in terms […]

Loving all of life, not just part of it

I wonder if we really understand what is meant when we are urged to “Love God above all things.” I have an idea about that which may be a bit radical. I think that what God might be saying to […]

You are not your body

If you believe that life has anything to do — anything at all — with the needs or goals or accomplishments of your body, then you haven’t understood anything at all about the purpose of your existence, about the reason […]

Are we perfect children of God?

Can you believe in your own perfection? Or do you believe that there is something you have to do in order to be perfect in the eyes of God? = = = = = = = = = = = […]

A new look at Intelligent Design

Nothing is accidental in our universe. Nothing is a mistake or an unfortunate condition. This is what is meant by Intelligent Design. Everything that exists has emerged from Divine Intelligence. = = = = = = = = = = […]

Why we forget who we are

Must we forget who we are in order to remember who we are? I believe the answer is yes…and for a most fascinating reason… = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = […]

Are we to seek after pleasures of the body?

It is very okay to seek after pleasures of the body. It is an extremely important part of the Journey of the Soul. = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = […]

Finding Joy In Life

If you believe that life has anything to do — anything at all — with the needs or goals or accomplishments of your body, then you haven’t understood anything at all about the purpose of your existence, about the reason […]

Is ‘contentment’ good?

Many people spend their entire lives striving to find contentment. I have had many conversations with people about this. I remember once, at a retreat that I was facilitating, a man spoke to me at length about this. “I wonder,” […]

Byron Katie’s marvelous message

(NOTE: This weblog creates, for us all, a chance to meet at the intersection of Life and the New Spirituality. It is written by the author of Conversations with God, the worldwide best-selling series of books. The “New Spirituality” is […]

Out for snow

In this world that seems so often to made up only of uncertainty, only of terror, in this world that sometimes feels that it is filled with nothing but suffering and deep sadness, we offer today another view; a brief […]

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To my readers on this blogsite...
To my readers on this blogsite... I have made a serious error and this note is to apologize for it. On Dec, 28 on this blog I published an anecdote about my son's class of young school children giving a Christmas Concert nearly 20 years ago, ...

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You are who you say you are
I hope and trust that you had a wonderful New Year's Day! And today we move into the third part of the Triad Formula, which is the First Step in a Three-Step approach to dealing with change in one's life. In the third part of The Triad Formula I ...

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The decision is all yours
On the final day of this year, as the calendar page changes, let us talk more about how we can use spiritual principles to deal with changes in our life. Yesterday we explored part one of a three-part Change Process derived from the messages in ...

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Nothing you see is real
There are many ways to deal with the extraordinary changes that are occurring in people's lives these days. Here is one of them... It is called The Change Process, and I began to talk about this in this space yesterday. (See yesterday's blog for ...

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