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Sex for pay in San Francisco?

There’s a ballot measure that people will vote on Tuesday in San Francisco that would decriminalize prostituion, did you know that? What do you think of that? Evelyn Nieves of the Associated Press wrote a story about this a week […]


Is Oneness ‘sameness’?

Is there any place for the idea of “Oneness” in our political system — or in any other human system, for that matter? On October 28 the reader posting here as “SheerLuckHolmes” added the entry below to the Comments Section […]


Is the rest of the world so much smarter?

All over Europe people are overwhelmingly in support of one of our presidential candidate’s. Can you guess which one it is? Why is this such a no-brainer? If it is obvious to you who everyone else in the world supports, […]


Why do you suppose this is?

It feels like it’s becoming the same tug-of-war in every election. Are you noticing this? Are you wondering, as I am, how it has come down to this these past 10 years or so? It’s the urban vote vs. the […]

Is being ‘one of us’ enough?

It’s pretty bad when the biggest newspaper in your own home state won’t endorse you. I mean, that’s pretty bad. The Anchorage Daily News ( has endorsed Barack Obama for president — and said some pretty straightforward, tough things about […]

The world is ‘getting it’

The leaders of the world are getting it. All of the writing in Conversations with God said that they would, and they are. And so, the New Cosmology is about to be embraced, and the New Cosmology Movement is about […]

Evaluating Republican rule

Barack Obama was asked the other day about any direct criticisms he would make about the presidency of George W. Bush. Sen. Obama was, for the mild-mannered and studied man that he has portrayed himself as being, remarkably forceful in […]


Is there something wrong with being Muslim? Somebody tell me, because I need to know. I mean, are Muslims nice? Or, can they be? Or are Muslims genetically incapable of goodness…? What is true here? I need to know. Because […]

Repealing tax cuts for wealthy is Socialism!

Republican Presidential Candidate John McCain says that repealing the tax cuts granted to the wealthiest Americans by the Bush Administration and passing the savings on to middle and lower income Americans, in the form of tax cuts for them, is […]

Liberals are anti-American!

I just wish the conservatives in this country, and so many of the “God fearing” folks, would stop calling liberals anti-American. Is it necessary–is it really necessary–to impugn the patriotism of people simply because their political views may be more […]

The definition of God

What if the words “God” and “life” are interchangeable? Wouldn’t that make for an extraordinary spiritual cosmology? The implications are–if it’s possible to imagine this–more than enormous. They’re staggering, earth shaking, paradigm-shattering. This is because everyone knows what is true […]

Borrowing God’s authority

What if God does not want something from humans, but only exists to give something to humans? On this Sunday I invite you to consider that somewhat radical thought. And what if what God wants to give to humans is […]

Killing to stop the killing

I just saw a poll at that said that 85% of respondents supported the death penalty. Are you among them? Do you think we should kill people in order to stop people from killing people? The question on the […]

Hypocrisy about God’s Will

I hate hypocrisy. And I especially hate it in religion. So you will understand my revulsion around the loving embrace of evangelical Christians of Sarah Palin’s candidacy for vice president of the United States. Let me help you to understand […]

Does God give us directions?

Today I would like you to consider the possibility that most of the world’s people hold an inaccurate belief about God. Consider the possibility that the truth about God is something that most people can’t even imagine. For instance, wouldn’t […]

God’s requirements

What is God’s agenda? What is God’s requirement? Do you know? Are you sure? On this Sunday, let us think about that. We continue today our series called Sunday School All Week, by inviting you to consider the following… We […]

Are gays people, too?

Yesterday the high court in Connecticut overturned the ban on gay marriage there. It said that the State’s constitution did not permit the State Government to refuse to grant marriage licenses to gay couples. This is, the high court said, […]

Americans can tell…can’t they?

Garrison Keillor is a syndicated columnist whose writings and work I have admired for a very long time. He has hundreds of thousands of other admirers all around the world. He wrote a column recently that was passed on to […]

You gotta make sense, at least

If you serve your country in public office, as a mayor, say, or a governor, it is not “work” in the regular sense, right? I mean, politicians don’t actually “work,” right? This is what some people think, anyway. In response […]

I’m sorry? Come again?

Does it matter whether a person who could become President of the United States can put two sentences together in a way that makes sense? Apparently, it does not. At least not to 4 out of 10 people. A poll […]

Easier said than done

Embracing Godliness is not easy. It can be, but for most people it is not. That’s because most of us do not want to give up what we have to give up in order to “get Godly.” As I look […]

God’s Invitation

Is it okay to glorify the self? Or is that the sure road to perdition and pathway to hell? I know it must be very, very bad form to admire one’s own quotes…but… Somebody posted this last week in the […]

The basis of the New Spirituality

The word “theology” has been defined as “God Logic,” or, more loosely, the knowledge or knowing of the Divine. Today we embark on this more seriously in this space than ever before. Today we shall open a deep discussion of […]

What God Wants – Part 5

As you look at your life and as you look at the world around you, do you think you are seeing a reflection of What God Wants? If not, what do you think that God does want? I have an […]

Dealing with Evil

Evil exists everywhere, and every God-centered person I have ever met wrestles with the question of how to deal with it. Yesterday I received the following heart-rending message from a person posting as “Diana Ekman” in the Comments Section of […]

The soul’s desire is not a secret

Did you know that your body is something you have, it is not something you are? As I’ve said in this space before, it is a tool. A device. A mechanism. It is a physical machine, and a marvelous one, […]

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