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There’s a ballot measure that people will vote on Tuesday in San Francisco that would decriminalize prostituion, did you know that? What do you think of that? Evelyn Nieves of the Associated Press wrote a story about this a week […]

Is there any place for the idea of “Oneness” in our political system — or in any other human system, for that matter? On October 28 the reader posting here as “SheerLuckHolmes” added the entry below to the Comments Section […]

All over Europe people are overwhelmingly in support of one of our presidential candidate’s. Can you guess which one it is? Why is this such a no-brainer? If it is obvious to you who everyone else in the world supports, […]

It feels like it’s becoming the same tug-of-war in every election. Are you noticing this? Are you wondering, as I am, how it has come down to this these past 10 years or so? It’s the urban vote vs. the […]

It’s pretty bad when the biggest newspaper in your own home state won’t endorse you. I mean, that’s pretty bad. The Anchorage Daily News ( has endorsed Barack Obama for president — and said some pretty straightforward, tough things about […]

The leaders of the world are getting it. All of the writing in Conversations with God said that they would, and they are. And so, the New Cosmology is about to be embraced, and the New Cosmology Movement is about […]

Barack Obama was asked the other day about any direct criticisms he would make about the presidency of George W. Bush. Sen. Obama was, for the mild-mannered and studied man that he has portrayed himself as being, remarkably forceful in […]

Is there something wrong with being Muslim? Somebody tell me, because I need to know. I mean, are Muslims nice? Or, can they be? Or are Muslims genetically incapable of goodness…? What is true here? I need to know. Because […]

Republican Presidential Candidate John McCain says that repealing the tax cuts granted to the wealthiest Americans by the Bush Administration and passing the savings on to middle and lower income Americans, in the form of tax cuts for them, is […]

I just wish the conservatives in this country, and so many of the “God fearing” folks, would stop calling liberals anti-American. Is it necessary–is it really necessary–to impugn the patriotism of people simply because their political views may be more […]