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The ‘Why’ of God

Have you ever asked why we have a God? Children do all the time. The first three weeks of Sunday School All Week we have explored what Life is, and whether there is a God, and if so, what God […]


More about what God wants

What does God want? That is the question before the house. What in the world does God really want? What does He want from human beings? What does He want us to think, to believe, to do? That is the […]


Was Palin pick brilliant or ‘crazy’?

Ironic, isn’t it, that in the very week when all we’ve been talking about here is the place of women in our society, Republican presidential candidate John McCain picks Sarah Palin to be his running mate? It was a bold […]


Of men, women, and God

The final word on women and their place in society is the Word of God, which makes the role of women very clear. God knows exactly What God Wants with regard to all of this, and it is humanity’s job […]

Women are second class citizens, right?

Is a woman allowed to speak? Is a woman allowed to lead? Is a woman allowed to have authority over men? Is a woman allowed to hold a position of responsibility in God’s church? By the way, which church IS […]

Why is God?

Why is God? That is, why does God exist? Or, as a wonderful 7-year-old asked his Mom recently, “How come there is a God, anyway?” Good question. In order to answer it we need to get clear, first of all, […]

A woman is to keep silent

The Bible makes it very clear. A woman is to keep silent. She is to have no authority of any kind over any man. She is to be submissive. So says the Bible. What in the world does God want, […]

Having what you choose

Does God want us to have what we desire? Yes. Does God say we can have anything we want? No. Sunday School All Week continues here today, and I can’t go a step further without responding to an entry in […]

Anger’s Place

What do we do when we’ve “had it” with life, and “thinking positively” just is not working for us anymore? Is there a place in life for anger? Yesterday I ran a lengthy piece in which I quoted extensively from […]

How we control and create our lives

Are human beings destined to forever suffer “the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,” as Hamlet put it, or do we have the power to “rise up against a sea of troubles and, by opposing, end them?” I ask the […]

Why ‘bad’ things happen

If you believe that you can have anything you want in life, you are in for a downfall — no matter what that movie The Secret says. The Law of Attraction does not say that whatever you want, you get. […]

Understanding God

Yes, Virginia, there is a God. Yet God may not be what you have been told God is. For one thing, God is not Male. So when we keep referring to God as ‘He,’ we are inaccurate. For another thing, […]

What we’ve been taught

Does God want anything? Does God require anything of God’s Creations? If we do not give God what God wants, will God judge us, condemn us, and punish us with everlasting torture? There is much that humans have been taught […]

During the painful moments…

Where is God when we really need Him? Why is God so silent when we are begging Her for help? How do we get through the hard times with a God who is so distant? What about the painful moments? […]

Who and What Is God?

I should imagine that the human mind will never become bored with questions such as this: Who, and what, is God? Our answers, however, may make for more than mere intellectual stimuli. Our answers could change the world. Well, class, […]

Does God exist?

Back in the Sixties posters, billboards, and bumper stickers began appearing asking the question, Is God dead? This question presumed that there was a God who was at some point alive. The reason the question was asked is that there […]

We should FEAR God! Yes…?

We should FEAR GOD, yes? This is our proper posture before the Divine! One of abject FEAR and TREMBLING. Yes? For we are all sinners, unworthy of anything but condemnation — were it not for the mercy of the Lord. […]

The need for salvation

Must we believe in Jesus to get to heaven? Does our life on earth as we have lived it count for nothing? Why is ‘salvation’ even required? The Theology Class at this blog continues today… I am very sorry that […]

Life is the real mystery

And so we move into the first round of responses and reactions to the responses and reactions of the extraordinary group that is gathering here to discuss and explore the greatest mysteries in the Universe. We began our Sunday School […]

Sunday School opens today

There is a question that has been asked by philosophers and theologians from the beginning of time. Now, here is the answer that was received in Conversations with God… Sunday School All Week opens today. We will begin by considering […]

Get ready for a ride

Beginning this Sunday, and for the next 20 weeks, we’re going to take quite an excursion in this blogspace. Get ready for quite a ride. We’re going to be talking about things that you haven’t talked about since Sunday School. […]

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