Conversations with God
August 2008 Archives

Have you ever asked why we have a God? Children do all the time. The first three weeks of Sunday School All Week we have explored what Life is, and whether there is a God, and if so, what God […]

What does God want? That is the question before the house. What in the world does God really want? What does He want from human beings? What does He want us to think, to believe, to do? That is the […]

Ironic, isn’t it, that in the very week when all we’ve been talking about here is the place of women in our society, Republican presidential candidate John McCain picks Sarah Palin to be his running mate? It was a bold […]

The final word on women and their place in society is the Word of God, which makes the role of women very clear. God knows exactly What God Wants with regard to all of this, and it is humanity’s job […]

Is a woman allowed to speak? Is a woman allowed to lead? Is a woman allowed to have authority over men? Is a woman allowed to hold a position of responsibility in God’s church? By the way, which church IS […]

Why is God? That is, why does God exist? Or, as a wonderful 7-year-old asked his Mom recently, “How come there is a God, anyway?” Good question. In order to answer it we need to get clear, first of all, […]

The Bible makes it very clear. A woman is to keep silent. She is to have no authority of any kind over any man. She is to be submissive. So says the Bible. What in the world does God want, […]

Does God want us to have what we desire? Yes. Does God say we can have anything we want? No. Sunday School All Week continues here today, and I can’t go a step further without responding to an entry in […]

What do we do when we’ve “had it” with life, and “thinking positively” just is not working for us anymore? Is there a place in life for anger? Yesterday I ran a lengthy piece in which I quoted extensively from […]

Are human beings destined to forever suffer “the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,” as Hamlet put it, or do we have the power to “rise up against a sea of troubles and, by opposing, end them?” I ask the […]