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What God Wants – Part 4

Many of the people who say that they know What God Wants are killing us. It is not lack of knowing What God Wants that is hurting us, it is thinking that we know without a doubt. Therein lies real […]


What is God’s message to you today?

God touches our lives in remarkable ways…and never stops doing it. This is the experience of everyone who has a personal relationship with God, and it is my experience continually. For instance, some days I wonder why I am doing […]


Is the Bible the Word of God?

The Bible contains the Word of God. But is it the only Scripture? The One and Only? Is every other ‘Holy Scripture’ wrong? Inaccurate? Not the truth? = = = = = = = = = = = = = […]


What God Would Say

Imagine this. God comes down to Earth for one minute – one blessed 60-second moment – and announces to the world the solution to all of its problems and the way for every soul to experience heaven-on-earth and eternal salvation. […]

We don’t have much time

First Tim Russert…now George Carlin. What’s going on here? What’s the Universe trying to tell us? Could it be that each day might be your last? What if that were true? Clue: It is. I don’t care how healthy you […]

What God Wants – Part 3

Many people may feel threatened and may become angry by what will be appearing in this blog on Sundays between now and Christmas. Yet in a society that is based on the free flow of ideas, that should not stop […]

We Create Everything

You are continually in the act of creation. Did you know that? It’s true. Every second of every minute of every hour of every day you are creating. The only question is, are you doing it consciously or unconsciously? = […]

A new direction for CWG

I would like to take a moment on today’s blog to tell you about a whole new direction in which I am taking the work of Conversations with God. When the manuscript that I submitted to a publisher in 1994 […]

Finding the joy in life

If you believe that life has anything to do — anything at all — with the needs or goals or accomplishments of your body, then you haven’t understood anything at all about the purpose of your existence, about the reason […]

I like praying. It really works!

How can we ‘protect’ ourselves in situations or with people that we disagree with? Try prayer! It really works! But remember, too, that you almost always have a choice not to stay there. = = = = = = = […]

When God Calls — The Tim Russert Event

Of course, we are all shocked and deeply saddened by the passing of Tim Russert last Friday. God bless him, and God bless his family and friends. I want this commentary to be up here for two days — Monday […]

What God Wants – Part 2

Change is challenging for most people. And in the area of their religious beliefs, change is opposed at every turn. But should it be? Ah, let that be the question. = = = = = = = = = = […]

Looking at affairs

Life is messy. Sometimes, it is just plain messy. Like affairs. They shouldn’t happen. But they do. Sometimes. We’ve talked about this before here. And the questions just keep rolling in. = = = = = = = = = […]

I do not believe President Bush is a liar

Is it possible, can it really be true, that President Bush deliberately misled the American public about Iraq? Please, say it isn’t so. Somebody tell me this is all a bad dream. By now you must surely know that an […]

What God Wants – Part 1

Very few people will be able to believe what’s going to appear in this blog in the weeks ahead. At least, at first. That may make it one of the most unbelievable series of blogs of all time. In this […]

New beliefs will create a new politics

Things look pretty much like “politics as usual” these days…but in the years ahead don’t be surprised if we all see a pretty big shift in the way politics are done…and the way our collective life is created and experienced… […]

People power and God power – Part II

Who are we? Are we mere biological beings? Are we spirits with a body? What is our “right relationship” to God? I said here yesterday that, historically, humanity has sparked itself with a glimmer of hope, then returned to its […]

People power and God power

Many people agree that God works in the lives of human beings. But the question is: How? Through unasked-for intercession? Through begged-for miracles? Through answered prayers? And how about the problems of the world? Does God work with the world […]

Are women always the ‘temptress’?

In romantic “trysts” that occur outside of an established marriage, why is it that the woman is always the one who wears the scarlet ‘A’? Is not the man equally responsible? For that matter, is it possible that it is […]

Solving the problems of the world

The world faces an extraordinary array of problems, as we all know. But here is something we do not know: Who is working to solve them? Part of the problem with problems is that there are so many people who […]

Interview with Neale-Part VI

What do you think is needed now in our world? Have any guesses? I do. I believe that what is needed now in our world is that we change our minds about God, about life, about each other, about why […]

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