Conversations with God
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It’s great to have our spiritual beliefs inform our politics, but what if those spiritual beliefs are ancient understandings that cannot possibly be applied to our modern world? How do the rules of Yesterday’s God apply to humanity today? = […]

There are some things in life I just don’t understand. For instance, I just don’t understand a regime such as the one in Myanmar that would wait one minute, much less days and days and days, to accept international assistance […]

The Phoenix has landed, and so we have another unmanned spacecraft on the planet Mars. And once again we are asking the question in very real terms, “Is there life out there?” Mars is 171 million miles from Earth, and […]

There is hardly a more controversial subject than God’s view of sexuality. What is it, anyway? What does God think of all this? What does God want? = = = = = = = = = = = = = […]

The journey of the soul is an endless one, with peace and joy and love as the destination–and with an ability to reach that destination in any moment. Life goes on around us, and the temptation is to make it […]

Can we respect a president who wants things to go one way, and one way only, and will do anything, including abandon reason, logic, and integrity, to get them to go that way? I think that’s a question before the […]

Part of the problem of humanity is denial that we are responsible for the world and how it is. We cannot create a new way of living on our planet until we take ownership for what we are been creating […]

Under the doctrine of the separation of Church and State, can there be a place for spirituality in politics? Or should we keep our spiritual ideas and views out of it, and keep our politics free of spiritual influence? During […]

What is wrong with our Christian ministers? That’s what I want to know. Are they so filled with anger and bad judgment and horrible thoughts that not a single presidential candidate can dare risk their endorsement? This much I do […]

I think we have to talk about a basic spiritual value here. It is called Fairness. And the question we have to consider now is: Is it fair to want to change the rules in the middle of the game? […]