Conversations with God
March 2008 Archives

Everyone wants to be happier, right? Of course. Even the happiest among us cannot get too much happiness. And those who are not so happy could really use a boost… Over the next several months I’ll be sharing with you […]

If you believe that life has anything to do — anything at all — with the needs or goals or accomplishments of your body, then you haven’t understood anything at all about the purpose of your existence, about the reason […]

What is God’s job? That’s a question humanity has been asking for a very long time. Now comes an interesting response… = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = […]

Getting older isn’t easy. And living with the after effects of a stroke can obviously make it even harder. Faith in God, and in the Divine Order of things, is often the first thing to go * * * * […]

There are many people who have been saying for years that global warming is a hoax, that nothing bad will come of it even if it is partially true that the world is gaining a few degrees, and that the […]

Do we need anything to be happy in life? What can we live without? What can we not? And what is true happiness, anyway? Ah, yes…some of life’s most interesting questions… = = = = = = = = = […]

You gotta love Jay Leno. Get this one: “To give you an idea how bad the Democrats are doing, in a stunning reversal, John McCain now 10% ahead of Hillary Clinton and 7% ahead of Barack Obama. And this is […]

You know that the world is living on the edge of its chair religiously when the conversion of a Muslim to Christianity makes headlines. Of course, the way it was done was designed to create headlines, but still…should this really […]

Can you believe in your own perfection? Or do you believe that there is something you have to do in order to be perfect in the eyes of God? = = = = = = = = = = = […]

Most of humanity believes that God decides which humans are included in the word “us.” We then form groups or clusters around what God has decided, and we call them religions or faiths. God then assure “us” that God will […]