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What’s your mission in life? And how would it be better served if you were thinner and healthier? What gives you meaning and purpose? Just as a business benefits from creating a mission statement, so do we benefit from outlining […]

Think about serving others. By giving a little of yourself, you lighten your own burdens. Lending a helping hand can show you that you perhaps don’t have it as bad as you think you do. Giving of yourself to others […]

What would it feel like to be liberated from the fat? What would you do if you were totally at the right weight – just the perfect way according to you, your medical doctor, and God? One central part of […]

Do you feel ashamed of yourself for being overweight? Write about all the myriad feelings you may be experiencing around this idea of shame. When I had a serious obesity problem, I was full of shame. On the outside, I […]

Let’s work together on the feeling of being way too full, or stuffed. Has it happened to you, that “your eyes were bigger than your stomach,” and you took too much food for yourself, and ate the whole thing? It […]

Remember the moment you first felt the presence of God or a Higher Power. How did the divine come into your awareness, and into your life? Once you take the time to write this down, meditate on this experience, allowing […]

To encourage permanent weight loss and your best health, write about what you were like when you lost weight before, or when you gained weight? How did it feel to be heavier? How did it feel to be lighter and […]

The Beatles sang, “I get by with a little help from my friends,” and I know that’s true. My friends mean so much to me, I would be lost without their care and interest in me, and me in them. […]

Today’s exercise can help train you to eat less– with God’s help. Jot as many single words that describe how you felt the last time you ate too much. Do this quickly, just getting as many adjectives and nouns written […]

For me, extra weight meant several things. On the positive side, as I am a big man by nature – over 6 feet tall, with big frame and bones, I naturally weigh a little more and that’s good. When I […]