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Fear of rejection also creeps into our professional life. When I set out to write my second book, this time on political leadership, I worked tirelessly, and to this day I can’t think of a project I’ve been more proud […]

One of my biggest fears as a young woman was not being liked by other people. Nowhere did this come into play more strongly than in my writing career: It took me many years not to take the criticism of […]

Fear is a part of growth, and a part of risk, and a part of change. Like other feelings, it is not permanent, and should not be a barrier to progress. The world, as Rabbi Nachman of Bratzlav wisely taught […]

The zakkah prayer is often recited right before Kol Nidrei on Yom Kippur. It reads in part: “I extend complete forgiveness to everyone who has sinned against me, whether physically or monetarily, or who has gossiped about me or even […]

Most cases regarding forgiveness are personal, and do not necessitate forgiving a tyrant. But what if one simply cannot forgive? Even if we cannot forgive, it is important to catalogue for ourselves what it takes out of our lives to […]

What can we say about the truly wicked of the world—Hitler or Stalin, dictators and torturers who showed no remorse or human feeling? If forgiveness means amnesty, we cannot grant it. If forgiveness means that we will not allow our […]

Religious traditions speak a great deal about forgiveness, as we would expect. They not only ask us to seek forgiveness from God, but ask that we grant it to each other. Maimonides in his “Mishneh Torah,” the great code of […]

When we forgive we know it can change more than just the relationship. It ripples out into the world. The one who feels unburdened will be perhaps different with his wife, his children, his co-workers. Working through this journal itself […]

In 1922, Walter Rathenau, Germany’s foreign minister, was murdered by three men. Two of them later committed suicide. One, Ernst Techow, survived and was imprisoned. Rathenau’s mother Mathilde, wrote to Techow’s mother: In grief unspeakable, I give you my hand. […]

There are large scale sins: Terrorists, tyrants, those who sow hatred and disorder. I recall the words of the Polish dissident Adam Michnik, when asked if former communists all had to be prosecuted, an act that would most certainly tear […]