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May 2010 Archives

“Pray for my Mother, that she may start to embrace the love that is being shown to her.” –culinaryqueen Add your prayers now


“This prayer circle is for those who need a job, is changing jobs, or is looking for a promotion on a job.” –maryandmartha Add your prayers now


“My 13-year-old son was diagnosed with depression today. He was given medication.” –editinggirl Add your prayers now


“Please pray for our marriage as it struggles now to hold on after 15 years.” –melaniedawn Add your prayers now

“Two-year old grandson. At about the age of one, Zion began to develop a severe eczema-like skin condition.” –quietwarmth2 Add your prayers now

“My son is gone and life will never be the same without him in our lives. He was only 31 years old and full of life.” –cell Add your prayers now

“I am in school and have trouble paying for it – I am a student trying to do something with my life – I am doing it on my own and cry everday.” –lisa444 Add your prayers now

“In the process of turning off the leaking propane tank, he entered the trailer twice and inhaled a toxic level of propane. Please pray for this hero!” –mom-6 Add your prayers now

“Kelsey was involved in a tragic accident…last week she was fighting for her life and suffering from a severe head injury.” –krysti Add your prayers now

“My dad, Lyman, has had pain in his heart and left shoulder. He had a heart stint placed in last year.” –ripp Add your prayers now