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When I was very fat, I often felt a disconnect between my mind and body. I felt like I was always “upstairs” in my brain and emotions, and out of touch (literally and figuratively) with my body. Consciously looking for my feelings associated with activity or exercise in any way they came was illuminating for me, and it can be for you right now.

Whether or not you are active or sedentary, I would like you to write about what it feels like to use your body during any kind of physical activity. You may be simply scratching your knee or climbing a long flight of stairs. What I want you to consider is the connection between your body and mind: Are you aware of your body as it functions? If not, work hard to become aware of your physical self. Study it. Be conscious of it. Watch it move and feel how it feels. Then write about that experience.

–Norris Chumley

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