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Often, we live with regular pain or discomfort and just tolerate it day after day. I lived with lower back pain for years, and it just kept getting worse and worse. Ultimately it traveled down my right leg and caused severe problems. Just becoming conscious of the pain I was holding ultimately allowed me to do something about it to get some relief. Once relieved, I was able to use my body more and enjoy the body that God gave me to the fullest extent.

Are you in physical pain, such as a chronic sore knee, tight neck and shoulders, or leg/arm discomfort? Write about what hurts on your body. Be as descriptive as possible, noting in fine detail what exactly hurts, how it feels and how it affects your mood. Write about how the pain hurts on a scale of 1-10, describing the kind of pain, and what causes it to feel worse or better.

–Norris Chumley

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