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For me, extra weight meant several things. On the positive side, as I am a big man by nature – over 6 feet tall, with big frame and bones, I naturally weigh a little more and that’s good. When I was 150 pounds too heavy, that was negative. Imagine carrying 150 pounds of sugar around, all the time. I’m sweet, but that’s ridiculous.

I invite you to do some journal writing today about the fat your body holds. Imagine carrying around two 5-pound bags of sugar all the time, everywhere you go. That would get tiring, wouldn’t it? Now imagine carrying 10, five pound bags around with you… that’s 50 pounds extra. That’s a lot to carry, isn’t it?

Write about how your extra pounds feel, look, weigh and affect your life. Let this be a full and balanced description – writing about positive, neutral, and negative aspects of the fat.

How does your extra luggage of body fat affect you? Are you lugging too much? Or does it feel just right? It’s between you, your doctor and God to know… but it will help to get your thoughts across here.

–Norris Chumley

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