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My mentally ill older brother has schizophrenia and it’s only getting worse for now more than 20 years. He has nightmares of demons wanting him to die and sometimes he hears them loud and clear. I know Jesus Christ was able to remove demons from people but obviously, it will not happen in this lifetime. Will my brother be free when he dies? Will the demons leave his body when he dies? Will he ever find peace when it is all over?
Actually, if the source of your brother’s illness is demonic, it can be removed in this lifetime. If the problem is mental illness, as you suggest, the healing may require both medication and prayer. Demonic possession and mental illness are two very different things, with different symptoms. But in regard to his state beyond death, we are assured that for those who believe in Christ, there will be no more suffering, sorrow, persecution, or the like in the afterlife.
Ben Witherington III

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