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I have a friend who believes adamantly that all Jews are going to hell. I confronted her on this to ask where in the Bible it says this. She couldn’t answer me exactly, but stood firm in her belief that this was in the Bible.
Fortunately the Bible doesn’t consign Jews or anyone else to hell simply because of their ethnic or religious background. What the New Testament does say is that all have sinned and fallen short of God’s glory, and therefore salvation is by grace and through faith in Christ alone. You might want to read carefully through Romans 1-8 carefully on these matters. If you continue to Romans 9-11, Paul argues that in fact after the full number of Gentiles are saved that also ‘all Israel will be saved’ (see Rom. 11:25ff). By this Paul likely means that a very large number of Jews will be saved when Christ returns.
Ben Witherington III

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