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Most people have a favorite food, one that they keep returning to throughout their lives. For some it’s a comfort. For others it’s an addiction. My favorite food was ice cream. I would eat lots of it, eventually developing an addiction to it. It got so bad that I needed to eat it every night to fall asleep. To lose weight, I knew I needed to stop eating ice cream, but it was beyond me – I needed divine assistance. You see, ice cream was not only my favorite food, it became something that I needed desperately.

Let’s examine your favorite food: What does it look, taste, smell and feel like when you eat it? What are some of the ingredients that go into this food? Is it colorful? Is it cooked or raw, baked, simmered, or sautéed? Frozen, refrigerated, dried or stored in a box or carton? Where does it come from? Is it naturally grown or does someone make it? For fun, you could describe the food in infinite detail and then wait until the end of this journal entry to actually name it. Or just let us know up front – your choice.

–Norris Chumley

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