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For today’s journal, we’re going to do something fun. Let’s write about how you use your body. Yes, that’s what I said – this is fun! Using your body, being active, and even exercising can be fun. If you’re like how I used to be when I was really overweight – the last thing I thought was fun was using my body. Every movement, even getting up in the morning, or walking anywhere was challenging, tiring, and not fun at all. Ultimately, I want to teach you that being physically active and moving is pleasurable and joyful – that’s the goal. First, though, with no judgment or criticism, let’s work together today to identify your physicality right now. Just being conscious of your physical activity today is a great start toward enjoying moving.

Describe anything you do with your body: little movements like walking across the room, to big things like going for a hike in the park or playing sports. Are you active or sedentary? Do you mostly walk or ride in cars? Do you exercise? Are you a sofa-dweller? If so, how many hours a day? Do you stand or walk at work, or sit all day at a desk? Are you a student and have to take physical education classes? Are you disabled (we all are to some degree) and cannot do things? What can you do? Think about what you do in the way of movement in any given day, and describe it thoroughly and honestly.

–Norris Chumley

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