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I mentioned finding some kind of exercise you can stick to and enjoy. I am not a naturally athletic person, so when I hit my forties and realized it was either shape up or go the way of my beautiful mother (she grew rather elegantly into muumuus), I had to find a way to be healthy and stay sane. For me, it’s yoga with my daughter Isabella and hiking several times a week with my friends. We get all the benefits of gossiping over lunch while we exercise our bodies, and we have a rule: Whatever is said on the hike stays on the hike. Exercise is essential to self-confidence: When our bodies feel strong, we feel strong. It’s easier to be fearless when you can run up a flight of stairs without having to stop and catch your breath.

Is there a form of exercise you do that is a fun and healthy part of your life? If not, make a list of things you’d like to try, and be creative. There could be hundreds of new experiences waiting right around the corner.

–Arianna Huffington

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