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“I’m wall-to-wall meetings,” I remember telling a colleague of mine who had just asked me to squeeze an appointment with a well-known community leader into my already-crammed day. “I’d love to meet with the guy,” I explained, “but I just can’t.” The colleague told me to pray about it, which I told him was the dirtiest trick in the book. Still, I did. I prayed. And I sensed God wanted me to go through with the meeting.
It took place at the small conference table in my office, me listening intently as this person explained that despite his executive position and coveted lifestyle, he was literally dying inside. Eight minutes into our time together, I knew where this thing was headed. The guy’s about to make a faith decision, I thought. Right here, right now, he’s about to submit his life to Christ. And I almost begged off this meeting! What a giant fool I would have been.
Very Important To-Dos, Very Important Meetings, a Very Important Contribution to make. What’s on tap for you today? If God desires to get a hold of you, will he be able to?

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