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Everywhere you turn, you will encounter people with withered parts.
People with withered minds
who find themselves ensnared by psychological scars or sinful thoughts or selfish motives.
People with withered hearts
who see no purpose in today and have no hope for tomorrow.
People with withered bodies
who feel encumbered and who struggle to accomplish the most basic of daily tasks.
People with withered souls
who don’t yet know that there is a God who loves them and wants to relate with them.
Consider where you serve today:
In your family
In key friendships
In business
In your community
In your church
How do your own past seasons of “witheredness” help you serve people who have withered parts–aspects of life that are shrunken and thinned out and slowly drying up?
Thank God for the times when you have felt withered–
mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually.
Ask him for an extra measure of grace as you serve the withered among you today.

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